Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Exam practice question - Explain how broadcasting in a deregulated britain offers more or less choice, depending on your point of veiw.

The 1990 Broadcasting act / deregulation / loosening the rules !
  • government intervention into broadcasting content to be reduced providing that taste, decency and "quality" are maintained.
  • For - more choice for young viewers, less heavily regulated t.v allowes more choice for young audiences.
  • Against - older viewers may not approve or benefit from the changes the 1990 broadcasting act made.
  • - they would perhaps not be used to it or understand it.
  • Subscription television to increase, with new methods of transmission encouraged.
  • For - Sky/ freeveiw/ Internet t.v allowed viewers to watch what they want when they want.
  • - the viewer takes control
  • Against - economics - some people cant afford to keep up with the costs
  • - digital switchover is going to mean new TV... new Ariel ... costing money !!!
  • Advertising and sponsorship of programming to be allowed in new ways and advertising rates to be kept in check by increased competition.
  • For - Adverts are made specific so if you are watching a niche audience programme such as football, adverts will be shown specifically for that audience.
  • - adverts are now cheaper and more frequent.
  • - more advert slots
  • - sponsor ships are being used to advertise to, such as coronation street/cadburys.
  • Against - consumers now have to sit through longer adverts... sky channels advertise as much as they want when they want .
  • Competition between broadcasters to be encouraged ( moving away from the BBC/ITV duo play)
  • For - More competition encourages quality t.v, also catering for niche audiences with sports and cooking channels and many more.
  • Against - terrestrial channels still catour for people with disabilities because they HAVE to be unfairly these programmes are not show at prime time.
  • The introduction of a fifth terrestrial channel and more satellite services.
  • For - having another terrestrial channel increases choice for people with only terrestrial channels
  • Against - for people with digital television, channel 5 is a huge waste of time!

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