Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Exam practice question - Explain how broadcasting in a deregulated britain offers more or less choice, depending on your point of veiw.

The 1990 Broadcasting act / deregulation / loosening the rules !
  • government intervention into broadcasting content to be reduced providing that taste, decency and "quality" are maintained.
  • For - more choice for young viewers, less heavily regulated t.v allowes more choice for young audiences.
  • Against - older viewers may not approve or benefit from the changes the 1990 broadcasting act made.
  • - they would perhaps not be used to it or understand it.
  • Subscription television to increase, with new methods of transmission encouraged.
  • For - Sky/ freeveiw/ Internet t.v allowed viewers to watch what they want when they want.
  • - the viewer takes control
  • Against - economics - some people cant afford to keep up with the costs
  • - digital switchover is going to mean new TV... new Ariel ... costing money !!!
  • Advertising and sponsorship of programming to be allowed in new ways and advertising rates to be kept in check by increased competition.
  • For - Adverts are made specific so if you are watching a niche audience programme such as football, adverts will be shown specifically for that audience.
  • - adverts are now cheaper and more frequent.
  • - more advert slots
  • - sponsor ships are being used to advertise to, such as coronation street/cadburys.
  • Against - consumers now have to sit through longer adverts... sky channels advertise as much as they want when they want .
  • Competition between broadcasters to be encouraged ( moving away from the BBC/ITV duo play)
  • For - More competition encourages quality t.v, also catering for niche audiences with sports and cooking channels and many more.
  • Against - terrestrial channels still catour for people with disabilities because they HAVE to be unfairly these programmes are not show at prime time.
  • The introduction of a fifth terrestrial channel and more satellite services.
  • For - having another terrestrial channel increases choice for people with only terrestrial channels
  • Against - for people with digital television, channel 5 is a huge waste of time!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Letter of Complaint :@

After viewing your programme on channel 4 last night i am shocked and disgraced at the way pedophilia was sensationalised and made out to be some kind of joke. Pedophilia is a real offense and i feel the seriousness of it was being mocked on this programme, it is happening everywhere and every day ! Your child could be in danger... then would you be laughing ?
I strongly advice that something is done about this and that the ITC programme code is looked at and considered.. i would like a letter in response informing me of what is going to be done about this and how such upset can be avoided in the future.

yours sincerely


ofcom and the ITC programme code

the ITC programme code was desighned to maintain standards set from commercial television services in the uk. All commercial televsion services in the uk have a licence from the ITC, it focusess on public expectations. As a license holder it is taken upon the license holder themselve to ensure that what they are watching is sticking to the code. The ITC does however sometiem sreceive complaints, these are taken seriously to try and ensure all license holders are happy.

The ITC code is unable to ensure hwoever that evrything that goes on tv is applyed to the code, leaving it to the proggrame makers, independant producers or others supplying programme material should stick to the code and ensure that it is obeyed to avoid complaints also.

Section 6 of the broadcasting act 1990 requires that the ITC makes sure that in its programmes it does not include anything that could encourage: crime or lead to disorder or be affensive to the veiwers. it is important that the sections of this act and the rules are obeyed especially as large audiences or children could be expected to be watching the programmes. decisions on programme content do hwoever vary on time of day, nature of the channell and what ype of audeince may be expected. materiale unsuitable for children must not be displayed in hours that children will be expected to be vieiwng, howver some children are expetced at all times on any channel, however many houses do not contain childrenn and veiwers have a right to expect a range of subject matter. usually programes shown before 9 pm are taken more care with what is showed as many children are expected to be watchign before this time .